Name Wishington
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Leprechaun
Occupation Wish Granter
Introduced in Wishington
Voiced by Taj Moore
 Wishington was introduced in the episode: Wishington . Shown to have an uptight attitude and a habbit for inforcing The Wishing Rules, Wishington reveals near the end of the episode that maybe being a leprechaun just wasn't his thing. When SheZow offers one of his wishes towards him (which causes the world to spiral in a dimension of chaos.), he becomes a sensational, giddy-up singer (Similar to the image of Elvis. ). Guy soon giving Wishington the opportunity for him to preform at his school dance at Megadale Middle School .


Wishington's appearance consists of;

  • A moss, light mint green mixed jacket. Covering most of his lower body and the most of his arms. Stopping at the middle of his thighs and right at his wrists. With a array of a smipked like felt on the top of the collar, and held up by a brown belt with a golden buckle.
  • Small, green, pointed toe shoes. In the style similar to a jester's.
  • A large hat (in the same tone of his coat.) located on the top of his head, Surrounding the base is a small, thin piece of brown fabric with a buckle in the form of a Wishing Well on the front. Taking over most of the base.
  • A ginger color beard, with hair to match. Styled in a somewhat curly manner, yet tamed.
  • Large ears, and a nose to match. of coarse resting onn his face!


  • Wishbones of War; Shot from the finger tips, and burst into flames when the destination is hit; These weapons tend to appear out of no-where. 
  • Shamrocks of Havoc; Similar to the Wishbones of War, these weapons can be summoned from thin air and used as a razor sharp tool, similar to the appearance of a fan.


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