Missing Link
Name Missing Link
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Missing Citizen


Relatives Maz Kepler
Introduced in Missing Link
Voiced by Taj Moore

 Uncle Link, also know as the natorious Missing Link , was first featured in the episode Missing Link. Revealing that he is known as one of Maz 's great uncles. With broken english, and being far from society for so long, it appears to be Guy 's "bright" idea to introduce him into society once again. Failing, Link then runs off from the heat of being a national television star.


Missing Link's appearance consists of;

  • Long, tangled and unkept hair. Tangled with a few leaaves.
  • A wine of leaves around his necks. Symbolizing a necklace.
  • A large, animal pelt in the pattern of a cheetah's. Only dangling from his right shoulder. Cut at the ends in a rough, ruffled manner.
  • A repeative wrap-around of vines. Located the the middle and beginning of his waist.
  • A large, muscular bod structure. The face structure being somewhat similar to Maz's.
  • Bare feet, usually symbolizing by a caveman.


  • Missing for years, Link is then found by both Maz and Guy.
  • Link appears to speak only broken english, and only communicates in body gestures.
  • At the ending of the episode, it appears it was Link's plan to seperate himself from society.


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