The Tooth Fairy
The Tooth Fairy
The Tooth Fairy
Name The Tooth Fairy
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Species Fairy
Relatives Periwinkle
Introduced in Dental Breakdown
 The Tooth Fairy is a character that is first introduced in Dental Breakdown and is the mythological being behind every child's disappearing loose teeth. With the doubt of existance, and the cheap ways going through the ears of adults and children for years, the tooth fair finally shows herself. Only to cause her irritating nephew; Periwinkle , to attempt to take over Megadale, after robbing Guy of his "radioactive" tooth. Causing a huge, and difficult dental breakdown.


The Tooth Fairy's appearance consists of;

  • A large, turquoise colored dress. Long sleeved; with small patches of a baby blue along the front ruffles of the dress, and across the cuffs on the wrists.
  • A navy blue belt, alonng the waist of the dress.
  • Tiny, Cinderella like heels, in the style of a pointed- toe pump.
  • Grey hair, neatly kept in a tight, circular bun.
  • A small white tiara, lined with navy bue gems across the points. Laying lightly across the top of her head.


  • In her unstable state, it appears that fairies love to drink chocolate, despite their health teeth ways.


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