Name Sarcazmo
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Magician
Introduced in Sarcazmo the Great
Voiced by Taj Moore
The Great Sarcazmo is a reality TV show host/ star with a very specific magical ability. With a cocky, full of himself attitude, Sarcazmo tends to think he's all that unless his agent decides to take a step in. Soon, dreams being crushed, and his reality show given the plug, Sarcazmo decides to make himself; disappear. Sadly, leaving his wand behind.


Sarcazmo's appearance consists of:

  • A large green hat with a purple band wrapped around the base of the hand, along with a red flower resting at the flat top of it.
  • Long blond hair, with waved ends. Cut to the length slightly past his shoulders.
  • A green jacket with popped up collars, slightly under his ears.And the collars of the dress shirt slightly peeking out.
  • A black tie, in the style of a bow.
  • A v- cut, red vest overlapped by the large jacket, with a slight, purple flower printed on the mid-section of the closing. Overlapping a white, dress shirt.
  • A pair of white gloves, ending at the wrists.
  • A purple band in his waist, holding up somewhere between his pants and shirt.
  • Green pants, with a bell bottom ending.
  • A pair of purple and white shoes, similar to tap shoes with a slightly raised heel.


  • Sarcazmo had a reality show that was soon cancelled; referring to the name "Pools For Fools".
  • Ironically, Sarcazmo's powers only work on backyards. And yes, not even on frontyards, nor dog runs.

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