Name Tattoozala
Sex Male
Age Unknown (Most likely over 900-years-olds)
Species Human
Occupation Villain
Introduced in No Tattoo 4 U
Voiced by Lyall Brooks

Tattoozala is the world's oldest tattooed villain. By incanting the word "incubate" Tattoozala can bring to life the wild creature tattoos on his skin, causing them to attack SheZow.

Appearance Edit

Tattozala's appearance consists of;

  • A white wife beater, allowing to reveal his multiple locations of ink, such as arms, neck, and chest/ back.
  • A pair of denim grey shorts, revealing the tattoos on his legs.
  • Multiple amounts of ink, consisting of dragons, bears, lions and tribal designs. Located all over the body, including the top of the head.
  • A pair of brown sandals, with green straps.
  • A faded, aged grey mustache.


  • His name is a play on Methuselah, who according to the Christian Bible, was the world's oldest person (about 969 years old in most texts).



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