Name Talula
Sex Female
Age 12
Species Human
Occupation Student

Friend of Protagonist (Kelly)

Introduced in Guy n Doll
Formally known as one of Kelly's other best friends and found hanging out with both Wanda and Kelly, Talula appears in quite a few episodes. Being rather of a mute in her appearances in SheZow, Talula does make an appearance in the SheZow Comic Book; "Sleepless 'n' She-addled." written by both Niels W. Erickson and Obie Scott wade. Giving the confused demeanor of one of Maz's sidekick names; Night Knight


Talula's common appearance is currently unknown, since her outfit appears only once. It is also shown that she appears to be a cheerleader as well.

Appearance in Sleepless 'n' She-addled;

  • A baby blue shirt- with the picture of a albino night owl, with black text writing "Night Owl." horizontally underneath.
  • A pair of night, dark blue shorts. Covered in a yellow pattern of stars and moons.
  • A pair of pastel pink slippers slipped onto her feet.
  • Normal ebony hair, styled in her common braid.

Episodes Featured InEdit


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