Tad Demented
Name Tad Demented
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Television Star
Introduced in Cold Finger
Voiced by Taj Moore

Tad Demented is formally known as the main host of Buttwipe, and one of both Maz and Guy's daredevil idols. Tad would do anything, even if it meant risking his life for a prank, a stunt, or even just something out of the ordinary! There's nothing this tall, blonde dude wouldn't do for a laugh, alongside his partner (Who is still unnamed.). He was also first introduced in the episode; Cold Finger. Shown to be holding a contest for a life-time supply of Chipadillas .


Tad Demented's appearance consists of;

  • Blonde, out of control hair. Slightly making a fringe bang in his face (overlapping the top of his forehead mostly.).
  • A red, sleevless tank top. Revealing his arms and slightly overlapping the waist of his shorts.
  • Black shorts, cut off right before the knees.
  • Brown, somewhat like running shoes. Overlapping a pair of white tube socks, slightly folded.


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