Name Sheanderthal
Sex Female
Species Human/CaveWoman
Occupation Hero
Relatives Guy Hamdon
Kelly Hamdon
Agnes Monroe
Droosha Hamdon
Boxter Hamdon
Cowgirl SheZow
Flora Hamdon
Roman SheZow
Introduced in Family Tree

Sheanderthal is a heroine cavewoman, who was the very first SheZow back in prehistoric times. She is incredibly strong, able to lift the Shehicle out of a tar pit with ease. She makes the current SheZow aware that the ring is always meant for someone who is meant to be SheZow. With a thick, broken english voice, Sheanderthal appears to be very experienced and intelligent for her timeline.


Sheanderthal's appearance consists of (under the condition/ reason Sheanderthal's color scheme is unknown, everything will be placed under the way they appear);

  • A headband made of small bones, most likely from a bird and/ or small mammal.
  • Messy, untamed gradient hair. Given the tint of black and grey.
  • A large unibrow across the brow of her forehead.
  • A cheetah print, mammal skin across her body. Held up by a small bone on her left shoulder, entangling the fabric together. With the large, "S" symbol in the center of her chest, overlapping a small wrap of black fabric.
  • A small wrap of leaves acround her abdomen.
  • Bare feet, usually seen on all cavemen/ Cavewomen.


  • It appears that Sheanderthal has children (Shown when pointing Maz to the "Dress-up Box").
  • Sheanderthal appears to have the same face structure as both Droosha and Cowgirl SheZow .


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