SheZow Issue #1Edit

SheZow Issue #1
Screen shot 2013-08-23 at 12.41.06 AM
Name SheZow Issue #1
Type Comic Book
Introduced in SheZow Happens

SheZow Issue #1 is normally featured in many episodes, going from the long length of the very first episode (Besides the pilot.), all the way to the last episode. Featuring Aunt Agnes on the cover in a sassy, over-achieving pose. This comic appears to give insights, and information of all things SheZow, and is used to explain to Guy from Kelly on who SheZow exactly is.

SheZow Issue #2Edit

SheZow Issue #2
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Name SheZow Issue #2
Type Comic Book

SheZow Issue #2 is featured in a few episodes( along with the theme song itself.), but is slightly very rare to spot. With the cover being Aunt Agnes in a top-to-bottom perspective pose of her over Megadale city; giving a punch from her right hand to the camera, revealing the Glamazon Power Ring. This comic also reveals to have some sorts of SheZow information in it.

SheZow; Sleepless 'n' She-addledEdit

Sleepless 'n' She-addled
Sleepless She Addled
Name Sleepless 'n' She-addled
Origin Written; Obie Scott Wade

Illustrated; Niels Erickson

Owner Obie Scott Wade

SheZow; Sleepless 'n' She-addled is the very first, in real life SheZow comic book. Created by the talented; Niels Erickson, and written by the one and only Obie Scott Wade.

This comic book gives the insight of Guy appearing to be distracted and unfocused upon being forced to attend a SheZow slumber party, attended by both; Wanda, and two more of Kelly's friends. One being the winner of the recent SheZow contest. Dating back to the episode Uncommon Cold, this was a deal that Guy apparently promised his twin sister, Kelly. Going off in the middle of the slumber party, SheZow is forced to fight off the likes of Mega Monkey. Earning a little bit of help from the girls themselves!

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