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This article is about The Character SheZow. You may be looking for Televison Series.
Name SheZow
Sex Male
Age 13
Species Human
Occupation Hero
Relatives Kelly Hamdon
Boxter Hamdon
Droosha Hamdon
Eileen Monroe
Introduced in SheZow

SheZow is Guy Hamdon, a 12-year-old boy who found a power ring that belonged his late Aunt Agnes, the original SheZow. And now that Guy wears it (unwittingly at first), he is granted super strength, speed, agility, a sonic scream, an arsenal of crime fighting gadgets, and unfortunately... a pink female superhero costume. With all his gifts, he, along with his sister Kelly, his cousin Eileen, his assistants and friends Hurley and Damian and his sidekick and friend Maz, defends Megadale from the likes of Mega Monkey, Mocktopus, Tara, Cold Finger, and many other evildoers in season two will be the leader of the Justice Beauties.


Whenever something bad happens to Shezow's hair, he becomes weak, or his powers don't work.

His superpowers are also effected by the color pink in his costume; when he doesn't wear it, his powers don't work.

Shezow's powers also appear to be affected by his health. When sick, his powers malfuction.


  • She-S-P: Whenever danger is near, Guy is alerted and changes into SheZow automatically and changes back as soon as the danger has been eliminated. This is the only power that Guy retains when not SheZow.
  • Super Strength: SheZow has the power to lift heavy cars, large objects, etc, and renders him practically indestructible.
  • Super Speed: SheZow can run faster than the world's speediest racecar, with some difficulty stopping in high heels.
  • Flight: Originally bitter over not having this power, Guy finally unlocked it in the episode Transformation Overload.
  • Heavy Handed Super She-Slap: SheZow's hand swells up and is able to smack the foe with a super hard slap.
  • Super Sonic Scream: SheZow can emit a super sonic wave from his mouth.
  • Wind Winkers: SheZow's eyelashes grow and flap to create a hurricane like gust of wind.
  • Animal Communication: In the episode SheSquatch, when he recharged his powers by going camping, Guy also unlocked a new power, the ability to talk to animals.
  • Beautility Belt: Contains an arsenal of tools and weapons used by SheZow, such as his laser lipstick, boomerang brush & Vanishing Cream.

Weapons and ToolsEdit

  • Vanishing Cream: Shezow can use the vanishing cream to become invisible.
  • Laser Lipstick: Shezow's laser lipstick is a lipstick that can be used as a laser sword.
  • Boomerang Brush: A hair brush that turns into a boomerang to strike enemies with.
  • Insect She-Pellent: His insect she-pellent can repel insect monster/villain's.
  • Ballistic Fishnets: An orb that explodes into a net made of fishnets to trap enemies.
  • Mega She-lastic Super Umbrella: An umbrella that can reflect enemy attacks.
  • Rope In A Can: SheZow uses it for tying up enemies.
  • Compact Communicator: Used by SheZow to contact Kelly in Sarcazmo the Great.
  • Mega Mascara Whiplash: Can be use to swing from spot to spot (Taken from Tara and used in Sarcazmo the Great)


  • SheZow's powers are linked to both his hair and the color pink. If he does not wear pink or if his hair gets messed up, he loses his superpowers. More specificly, his appearance.                                                                                                      
  • The Original plot of SheZow was shown on the Disney Channel series Shorty McShort Shorts with episode 10 the plot of SheZow.                                                                                  

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