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This article is about The Character SheZow. You may be looking for Televison Series.
SheZow (Guy Hamdon)
Name SheZow
Sex Female
Age 12
Biological age In her mundane existence as Guy Hamdon she is merely an average boy. When superpowered Guy becomes a girl.
Occupation Super Hero
Relatives Kelly Hamdon
Boxter Hamdon
Droosha Hamdon
Eileen Monroe
Introduced in SheZow

SheZow is Guy Hamdon, a 12-year-old boy who found a power ring that belonged his late Aunt Agnes, the original SheZow. And now whenever he wears the ring he (unwittingly at first), is granted super strength, speed, agility, a sonic scream, and an arsenal of crime fighting gadgets. But the powers of SheZow are to be wielded by a female... and so becoming SheZow he is transformed into a girl, complete with a very cute and girly superhero costume. With all her gifts she, along with her sister Kelly, her cousin Eileen, her assistants and friends Hurley and Damian and her sidekick and friend Maz, defend Megadale from the likes of Mega Monkey, Mocktopus, Tara, Cold Finger, and many other evildoers.

Whenever something bad happens to SheZow's hair, her powers are weakened.

SheZow's superpowers are also effected by the color pink in her costume; when she doesn't wear it, her powers don't work.

SheZow's powers also appear to be affected by her health. When sick, her powers malfunction.


  • Super Sonic Shriek: SheZow is able to throw his/her voice at a high rate and pitch.
  • Heavy Handed Super She-Slap: SheZow's hand is able to swell up to a large size, being able to smack away his/her enemies.
  • Super Speed: Grants SheZow to be faster than the worlds speediest race car, also allows SheZow to save the day in a nick of time.
  • She-SP: This power allows SheZow to know when there is danger.
  • Flight: SheZow received this power in Transformation Overload.
  • Wind Winkers: SheZow's eyelashes can grow to a large state, being able to blow away enemies.
  • Animal Communication: SheZow is able to communicate with animals, power was received in Shesquatch.
  • Beautility Belt: an arsenal of super technology, that is able to hold SheZow's weapons.
  • Lazer Lipstick: Shezow uses this power to cut through anything.

Weapons and Tools

  • Vanishing Cream: SheZow can use the vanishing cream to disappear.
  • Laser Lipstick: A laser that is disguised as a tube of lipstick.
  • Boomerang Brush: An un-ordinary brush, that can be used as a boomerang.
  • Insect She-Pellent: Can fight off bugs/insects.
  • Ballistic Fishnets: An orb that explodes into a net to capture enemies.
  • Mega She-Zow Super Umbrella: An umbrella that can reflect attacks.
  • Rope In A Can: SheZow uses this weapon to tie up enemies.
  • Compact Communicator: Used by SheZow to contact Kelly in the episode Sarcazmo The Great.
  • Mega Mascara Whiplash: A whip that SheZow received as he/she was battling Tara in the Episode ShePhat.


  • The Original plot of SheZow was shown on the Disney Channel series Shorty McShort Shorts with episode 1, the pilot of SheZow.
  • Shezow has always been a girl, until Guy stumbled upon the ring


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