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She Squatch
Name She Squatch
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Species Big Foot
Occupation Tourest Scarer
Introduced in SheSquatch
 She-Squatch is know as the fictional, large, hairy, apelike creature that somewhat resembles the same appearance as a yeti, know as BigFoot and/ or sasquatch. Being the female version instead! Introduced in her own episode; SheSquatch . She seeks out help from the boys (Mainly Maz ) to get her contract from the Park Ranger destroyed in an attempt to live out her dream to be a dancer.


SheSquatch's appearance consists of;

  • Large, mocha colored fur. Covering most of her body besides the soles and tops of her feet, and the palms of her hands.
  • A light, tan color. Symbolizing the skin on her hands and feet. Overlapped by the large amounts of fur.
  • A small, red bowtie. Located on the top of her head as it holds up a small amount of a fur tuff.


  • SheSquatch takes the form of a female sasquatch; revealing when Maz and Guy both mistake her for Bigfoot.
  • SheSquatch's real dream is to be a dancer; somewhat of a ballerina.
  • She appears to have signed a contract, making a deal to scare tourists when they visit the park; Big Tick National Park.


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