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schmooey Gooey
Schmooey Gooey
Name schmooey Gooey
Introduced in S.I.C.K. Day

 Schmooey Gooey appears to be one of the many cereals features in the show SheZow . Maybe being one of the gang's favorite cereal as it's features to be used as a small pool, AND a Sidekick costume in the episode; S.I.C.K Day .


Schmooey Gooey appears to take, like most cereals; a rectangular, long shape. Given it's bright, baby blue box, and the fun-filled design on the box. Showing a yellow, somewhat golden explosion on the left, bottom corner of the box. And a large, popping red and yellow font on the top, center of the logo, reading off; Schmooey Gooey.

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