Roman SheZow
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Roman SheZow
Name Roman SheZow
Sex Female
Species Human
Occupation Hero
Relatives Guy Hamdon
Kelly Hamdon
Agnes Monroe
Droosha Hamdon
Boxter Hamdon
Cowgirl SheZow
Flora Hamdon
Introduced in Family Tree

A SheZow from Ancient Rome was observed riding a chariot in the time stream as Guy and Maz were traveling back in time. She may not have had a long appearance, but just knowing there's a SheZow for each timeline is just good enough!


Roman SheZow's appearance consists of;

  • A pink toga, held up on the right shoulder by thhe "S" symbol; holding the fabric together.
  • Part of the toga; A print, cheetah print skirt. Usually the pattern worn by all holders of the ring.
  • A large, magenta tint cape. Similiar to the current SheZow cape; without ruffles and a gradient style tint.
  • Long, ebony hair. Styled in a similar way of the current SheZow's. With light streaks of grey and pik cascading down the sides.


  • Roman SheZow appears to have the same face structure, and identical appearance to Aunt Agnes .
  • The shehicle appears to be a large, pink, horse drawn carriage when in frame.


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