Name Moorehead
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Principal
Introduced in Guy n Doll
Voiced by Unknown
 Principal Moorehead is the principal of Megadale Middle School. In Guy n Doll, he gets angry with Guy because he pulled the fire alarm, causing it to activate the school sprinklers (under the control of Baby Scarington). Giving Guy the command to clean the woodshop with a single toothbrush.


Principal Moorehead's appearance consists of:

  • A small patch of grey hair, with no hair on the sides, Appears/ and referred to as a "comb over".
  • A green sweater overlapping a white dress shirt.
  • A black tie, in the style of a Full Windsor Knot.
  • Brown, dress pants. Held up by a dark, brownish-black belt. Similiar to Khakis.
  • A pair of brown dress shoes.


  • His attitude appears to be uptight and strict. Shown when Guy recives his punishment to Clean the woodshop with a single brush.
  • Similar to typical principals, he's the kind to appear cranky and rude. Uptight and/ or harsh.


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