Pixel Packin' Pete
Name Pixel Packin' Pete
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Virtual Human
Occupation Judge


Relatives Captain XL

Uma Thermal

Introduced in Glamageddon
Latest appearance Glamageddon
Voiced by Unknown

Pixel Packin' Pete is a pixelated cowboy with the design of a 1980 video game character, that appears to be one of the judges that watches the fight between SheZow and Tara in the episode; Glamageddon . Shown when each opponite gives a blow to the other, he starts to shoot his revolver in a manner of surprise/ excitement.

Appearance Edit

His appearance consist of:

  • A white cowboy hat, coverig the top of his head.
  • Short brown hair, with a big brown moustache to match.
  • A red handkerchief, overlapped slightly with the collar of his shirt.
  • A grey shirt, overlapped by a blackish-grey vest.
  • A pair of brown, buttless-chaps. Revealing a pair of blue jeans at the waist.
  • A pair of black cowboy boots, slightly heeled.
  • A sheriff badge, most likely reading Pixel Packin' Pete in an 8-bit font.
  • A grey and white revolver, usually held in the right hand.
  • Similar to the quality of old fashioned games, Pixel Packin' Pete's whole body gives off an 8-bit, broken graph design.


  • Pixel Packin' Pete has only appeared in the episode: Glamageddon.
  • In the time he appeared, he only said: "Yeeehaaaw!" in a pixelated tone.
  • Pixel Packin' Pete appears to be a super hero, alongside Captain XL and Uma thermal.


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