Park Ranger
Name Park Ranger
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Park ranger
Introduced in SheSquatch

The Evil Park Ranger was first introduced and shown in the episode; SheSquatch . Shown to have been a bit harsh, and with a high demeanor, The Ranger appears to have a sick and twisted act behind his image. Shown and explained to be having She-Squatch under a tight contract, and forcing her to put her dreams aside and work for him; The Ranger then forces the "beast" to scare the tourists that come across Big Tick National Park.

Meeting a bitter defeat, and the destruction of his contract; The Ranger ends up getting attacked by a group of squirrel held by SheZow 's demand.


The Ranger's appearance consists of;

  • A large, foam green, three piece suit. Of coarse, with the logo and the name of the park located on it; Sunshine patch located on each outer-side of the forearms, along with on the chest in a badge-like style. with small pockets on each breast holding an array of pens (on the right side.).
  • A large, foam green, circular hat, in the style of leaning down to far to nearly in the manner of not showering his eyes. With a black strap across the base, and nearly overlapping all of his ebony, shagged and slightly curled hair.
  • A golden, shade like badge across his right breast, reading off his name (which is unknown for now.).
  • A pair of pants to match the uniform. Overlapping a pair of black, slightly heeled work boots. And held up with a black, slick belt with a golden textured buckle.


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