Name Null
Sex Female
Age N/A
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Foreign Exchange Student
Relatives Void (Twin Brother)
Introduced in Null and Void, episode 50
Voiced by Jacqueline Brennan

Null was originally known as an exchange student (along with her brother, Void.) who were happily and generously greeted by The Hamdon Family. Invited to dinner and into their house, Null and her brother soon realize the presents of SheZow and keep their intentions to destroy her and the earth.

Appearing to be the smart one out of the two, they soon end up making the fatal mistake of realizing that destroying the earth, also means destroying themselves.


Null's appearance consists of;

  • A white dress shirt, slightly puffed at the sleeves and neatly tucked into the saphire toned vest on her dress.
  • A small, black jewel on the color of her shirt. Symbolizing somewhat a tie.
  • A blue apron, similar to the color of her vest with a slight greyish-blue horizontal tine down the end.
  • A pair of white kneesocks.
  • Black dress shoes, with white soles.
  • Blonde hair, cut to shoulders length with a blue ribbon on the top; symbolizing a headband.


  • Null and her brother appear to be foreign exchange students from Canada (Admitted near the ending of the episode; Null and Void )