Ms. Packwood
Name Ms. Packwood
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Employment Agent
Introduced in Fibberachee
 Ms. Packwood was introduced in the episode; Fibberachee. Shown only for a small amount of time, and shown with a positive, helpful attitude she was shown to be the runner and former helper of The Mad Skillz Employment Agency. Happily helping and offering a job towards Mason near the end of the episode; after him quitting his job at being Fibberachee's butler/ servant.

Appearance Edit

Ms. Packwood's appearance consists of (The rest of her appearance is unknown; Waist down.)

  • A slim fit jacket in a faint navy blue color; overlapping a white, slim dress shirt.
  • A maroon tint of lipstick smeared across her lips.
  • Curly, orange tint hair. Styled up in a Beehive like fashion.


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