Mister Cylinder
Name Mister Cylinder
Sex Male
Age 32
Species Human
Occupation Mechanic
Introduced in Shehicle Pickle
Voiced by Taj Moore
Mister Cylinder is a top notch mechanic. Unfortunately he is also a recovering car thief that finds the Shehicle far too tempting a target. When the boys (Guy and Maz .) come to Mister Cylinder for help to discover the odd malfunction of the shehicle, Mister Cylinder takes the Glamrock that powers the gadget; sending SheZow , Tara , Mocktopus , and Major Attitude on a highway race for the gem.


Mister Cylinder's appearance consists of;

  • A v-neck styled,black, short sleeve shirt. Revealing a scatter of multiple tattoos along his forearms and chest.
  • Tight, navy blue jeans. Slightly rolled up at the ends, allowing them to slightly overlap his boots. Held up with a light brown belt with a circular buckled across the front.
  • Black, slightly heeled boots. With silver, metallic like tongues.
  • Ebony, well kept hair. Slicked back into a greaser like style. With a slight layer of 5 o' clock shadow to match.


  • His Criminal History goes along the descriptions of: Robbery, trespassing, resisting arrest and grand theft auto.


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