Miniture Mega Monkey Minions
Miniature Mega Monkeys
Name Miniture Mega Monkey Minions
Sex Males and/ or females
Age N/A
Species Monkeys
Occupation Minions
Introduced in Family Tree, episode 12
Voiced by N/A

The Miniature Mega Monkey Minions are a group of five young baby monkeys, commanded and led by Mega Monkey. Introduced in the episode Family Tree, Mega Monkey uses the group of four to go after SheZow, Maz, and SheZow's great aunt, Sheanderthal.  Earning nothing more than a bitter defeat.


M.M.M.Ms' appearance consists of (under the condition/ reason Miniature Mega Monkey Minions' color scheme is unknown, everything will be placed under the way they appear);

  • With the appearance similiar to Mega Monkey's; the miniature gang appears tob have the same color scheme, and fur style as him. Minus the big fluff of fur on the top of their heads.