Name McSniff
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Anthromorphic Poodle
Introduced in PSA Lister
Voiced by Taj Moore
'McSniff  is known as one of the top, and biggest crime prevention campaigner's out there. Long before SheZow , McSniff was one of the most popular with his campaign/catchphrase wording;  "Together we can "Bite Crime in the Butt"", being shown to be biting a "criminal" in the rear in his ad.


McSniff's appearance consists of;

  • An anthromorphic poodle, standing at the height of the main protagonists (counting his hair/ fluff of fur).
  • Grey and white fur, followed by a thick ebony unibrow across his forehead, and a 5 o' clock shadow.
  • Large white fur on the top of his head, along with fur ending at the tips of his floppy ears, his wrists and ankles, his chest (shown when at the circus; undressing infront of Kelly and Guy (SheZow)) and his short length puffball tail.
  • A small, beige hat. Sitting on top of his tuff of fur with a blackish/ brown strap on it.
  • A pair of black loafers, cut off at the tuffs of fur on his ankles.
  • A brown collar, known as his signature trade mark with the emblem of a badge with a paw on it.
  • A beige trench coat, following the color scheme of his hat with a brown belt around his waist.


  • Mcsniff tends to have a jealousy of being replaced (shown when everyone prefers SheZow's "Stop the Slop." campaign over his "Bite Crime in The Butt" campaign)
  • McSniff appears to have many fans, bragging about it towards SheZow, along with how much fan mail he recieves.


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