Maz Junior
Name Maz Junior
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Lizard
Occupation Pet
Relatives Maz Kepler
Introduced in Maz Junior

Maz Junior was first introduced in the episode Maz Junior. First greeted to the members of the Hamdon Family by Guy, the pet is soon passed down to Maz, who they come to find out is a squeezerdian reptilazoid (as stated by Sheila. ) and the very last of his kind, that managed to run away from the richest man in the world; Aristotle. In his best efforts to escape, the boys help keep him safe from the animal horder


Maz Junior's appearance consists of; (Maz Junior's appearance isn't much. But no worries!)

  • He appears to take the form of a Komodo Dragon, with a small neck flap located under his jaw.
  • With his base color being a solid green from head to tail.


  • It appears Maz Junior can disappear and reappear; using camouflage.


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