Mayor Stanley
Name Mayor Stanley
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Town Mayor
Introduced in Stuck Up

Mayor Stanley is known as the top runner and the mayor of the city of Megadale , introduced in the episode; Stuck Up . Mayor stanley is shown to have a high passion for his city; giving speeches and running events. It also appears, like anyone else in the city, Mayor Stanley has a great love for SheZow!


Mayor Stanley's appearance consists of:

  • A full body, two piece baby blue suit. Overlapping a white dress shirt that appears to peek out of the collars and chest.
  • A large navy blue bowtie. Located around his neck and underneath the collars of the dress shirt.
  • Large, somewhat rectangular frames glasses, resting on top of his nose in the center of his face.
  • Black dress shoes, slightly formed into a pointed toe fashion.
  • Slightly shagged, well-kept mocha hair. With a slight amount of bangs in his face.
  • A metallic and black wheelchair. Usually seen under his body at all times.


  • In Stuck Up, Mayor Stanley appears to be a paraplegic (In short; his legs are non-functional. Making him dependent to a wheelchair to get around with ease.).


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