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Name Mason
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Butler


Introduced in Fortune Kooky
First introduced in the episode; Fortune Kooky, Mason appears to be the formal around Butler of Megadale. Becoming Guy's butler after he earns a great fortune then stepping over to become head butler for Fibberachee- it just seems to appear he has a constant dislike towards his job (shown to be looking for another job at the Mad Skillz Employment Agency in the middle of the episode, then becoming a bank clerk near the end.


Mason's appearance consists of;

  • A slim fit tuxedo, in a slick, ebony black. Shown to have peeks of white pockets on each breast.
  • Overlapped by the coat is a red vest, overlapping a white dress shirt. Buttoned up in a neat, orderly fashion.
  • A black bow-tie, tied snuggly around the neck (above the collar bone.).
  • A pair of black dress pants; matching the jacket to the two-piece.
  • A pair of black dress shoes, similar to the color of the two-piece.
  • White, faded hair. Slightly balding.


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