Name Marsha
Sex Female
Age 18
Species Human
Occupation Garage-Band Rockstar
Introduced in Hot Rocks

Marsha was first introduced in the episode; Hot Rocks . Given her sassy, yet rude demeanor, Marsha makes a perfect contestant for a rock band's lead singer. Followed by two males who appear to be members (bassist and drummer.) of her band, Marsha and The Mayhem. These two deliver a swift catchphrase of the word "burn" when Marsha delivers a nasty lick.


Marsha's appearance consists of;

  • Raggedy, untamed ebony hair. To give that "rockstar" look to it.
  • A long, sleeveless purple dress. Cutting off somewhat near her knees. With slight, rigged bottoms.
  • Black shorts, ending in the middle of her thighs, and overlapped by the dress.
  • Slick, ebony combat boots. Given more to the style of a rocker look.
  • A light lavender choker, followed by a black, gold locket.
  • Lavender, fish net gloves. Ending at the length slightly past the elbows.
  • A small coating of make-up; A light layer of a lavender colored eye-shadow, along with a small, dark coating of ebony lipstick.
    • Optional; A white, solid-body, gibson explorer. With three, maroon colors buttons at the very ends. And a long, black and maroon color schemed neck.


  • Even appearing to be a somewhat "popular" garage band, Marsha and The Mayhem appear to have their name mispronounced quite a bit. (On purpose by Guy; Marsha and The Marshmallows. And on accident by Brian Smirk; Marsha and The Meatloaf.)


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