Name Mamapus
Sex Female
Species 1/3 Shark
1/3 Octopus
1/3 Stringray
Occupation Mother
Relatives Mocktopus
Introduced in Mr. Nice Guy
Mamapus is the mother of Mocktopus, first introduced in Mr Nice Guy. Mamapus appears to have a strict, motherly attitude towards her son; Mocktopus. Rather being supportive of her son, she rather mock and pock fun at him for appearing to be a "failed super villain".


Mamapus' appearance consists of;

  • A pair of large, magenta tint curlers. Wrapped around her faded, moss green seaweed hair.
  • A pair of gold/ yellow, hoop earrings. Dangling from her non-existant ears.
  • A large, unicorn like bronze horn sitting on the snout of his face; similiar to a narwhal's and identical to Mocktopus'.
  • The color scheme of a off white and a violet like, purple color; of scaley, slimey skin.
  • A small, off-pink frilled dress with slight, puffed sleeves. and a small, darker pink pocket on the lower adomen; Allowing her set of 8 tentacles to reveal themselves.
  • Make-up; A large coating of megenta eyeshadow. Similar to the color of her hair curlers. And a heavy coating or a ruby red lipstick across her "lips".


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