Major Attitude
Major AttitudeT
Name Major Attitude
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Villain

Ex-Drill Sergeant

Introduced in Mr. Nice Guy
Voiced by Lyall Brooks
Major Attitude is an ex-military officer who eventually turned into a villain who is intent on building his worn army and taking over the world. Never successful, Major Attitude is actually a softy who is self-conscious about his high-pitched voice giving the false acussation of high demand for the height and structure of his body.


Major Attitude's appearance consists of;

  • A slim, tight fit military uniform, with multiple badges of military status on the middle of the abdomen. Torn at the sleeves to reveal his bulked up arms.
  • Military pants, to match the large overlapping top. Held up by a large, ebony belt.
  • Black, slick combat boots. Similiar to the ones soldiers wear on the battlefield.
  • A light acorn colored buzzcut.


  • Super Strength: According to Sheila ; Major attitude is one of the third, most strongest men in the world. This power allows his to lift objects, buildings, and/ or items with ease.



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