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Name Magmus
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Magma


Occupation Guardian
Introduced in Hot Rocks
Magmus was first introduced in the episode; Hot Rocks. Shown to be the gardian of the underground (Center of the Earth.) when SheZow is given the task to save the world due to a volcatic erruption occuring. Magmus is shown with a protective and rude state at first. Then shown with an easy-going, rocker state when it's revealed that Guy and Mazwere supposedly "in a band". With his help the two were able to save the world, and make it back for the "Battle of the Bands Contest"  just in time- earning themselve the name "The Eruption".


Magmus' appearance consists of;

  • Even though Magmus does not have that much of an appearance other than a large structure of orange, dried, molten rock, Magmus does take the height of a large cave. Shown to also appear taller than the Meg-Guitarstage.


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