Name Logan
Sex Male
Age 13
Species Human
Occupation Student

Friend of Protagonists

Introduced in SheZap is Whack
Voiced by Taj Moore
First introduced in the episode SheZap is Whack, Logan is known as the supposed macho kid out of the protagonists' school. Making the hint that he has the "hots" for SheZow; Logan supposedly reveals that he had once gone out on a date with SheZow the super heroine herself- earning a spit take from Guy and a few turned heads from both Kelly and Maz.


Logan's appearance consists of;

  • A grey jacket/ hoodie, with a faded, navy blueish grey hood. Overlapping a plain, short sleeve sky blue shirt.
  • A pair of dark navy blue shorts ending right at the top of the knees- similar to a pair of gym shorts.
  • A pair of white running shoes, appearing to have the color of black tongues and soles.
  • Ebony hair, in a short cut fashion with his bangs slightly overlapping his face.


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