Legal Cat
Name Legal Cat
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Anthromorphic Feline
Occupation Lawyer
Introduced in No Girls Allowed
Voiced by Taj Moore
 Legal Cat is known as one of the biggest, most "trustful" laywers in the super hero business, there's nothing he can't do for you!

Well, sadly that's untrue. Featured in the episode No Girls Allowed as SheZow 's lawyer, he doesn't do much. More focused on the money at hand than the a problem that needs solving in Justice System. Money to him is like yarn to a cat. Literally!


Legal Cat's appearance consists of;

  •  A large, yellow coat with vertical and horizontal brown lines across it as it's pattern. Overlapping a white dress shirt.
  • A black tie, symbolizing "business".
  • A pair of long brown dress pants.
  • Large, fluffed up mocha fur. Of coarse covering his whole body and tail.


  • Feline Physiology he's a giant cat
  • Law Intuition :he does not do a good job since he falls a sleep.


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