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Le Pigeon
Le PigeonT
Name Le Pigeon
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Anthromorphic Mutated Pigeon
Occupation Villain
Introduced in Le Pigeon
Voiced by Dan Hamill

Le Pigeon is a genetically modified French pigeon who is also an avid bird activist and a villain (especially towards humans). His strong paternal instincts have proven to be a weakness. Le pigeon appears to speak in a thick, heavy french accent. Giving out "foul words" such as; Sucre Bleu, which is know as a profanity for a cry of surprise.


Le Pigeon's appearance consists of:

  • A pair of large, circle frame, clear glasses. Resting on top of his beak.
  • The color cheme of a light grey, a dark geyish-navy blue, and a dark grey for his feathers. Covering him from head to toe.
  • Large tallons and claws, in the color of a faded daffodil.
  • A set of large wings, reaching a length that overcomes his body.


  • Rain of terror: Similar to the color of pigeon poo (white), this is shot from a large gun like cannon that Le pigeon carries around under his arms. Giving off the color scheme of; neon green, and a metallic grey.

Episodes Featured InEdit


  • Le Pigeon appears to have a son (Revealed in Le Pigeon) by the name; Eggbert. Who he accidentally mistakens Maz 's sidekick costume; chickpea, for.


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