Kelli Hamdon
Name Kelli Hamdon
Sex Male
Age 12
Species Human
Occupation Assistant
Relatives Gal Hamdon
Introduced in DudePow Returns
Voiced by Taj Moore
Kelli Hamdon is the alternate universe and genderbent version of Kelly Hamdon; Similiar to Kelly, Kelli probably is most like the head of the International DudePow  Fan Club. Most likely fancying the fact he's an expert on all things gadget like and Dudepow related. 

Appearance Edit

Kelli's appearance consists of;

  • Dirty blonde hair, that ends at the length before his shoulders.
  • A pair of cherry red gloves, with a pair of steel toed combat boots to match.
  • A black jumpsuit, with a color scheme of red vertical lines going down the sides of his arms and waist. Along with along the collar.
  • Unlike both Kelly, Guy, and Gal. Kelli has blue eyes instead of black.

Trivia Edit

  • He is probably one minute older than Gal, like Kelly is to Guy.
  • Apparently, Kelli's original Design made the the famous; Obie Scott wade was rejected by the leaders of The Hub Network, forcing him to change Kelli's original design. Explains why Kelli looks nothing like Gal.


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