Justin Kennedy
Justin Kennedy
Name Justin Kennedy
Sex Male
Age Age 43
Species Human
Occupation Actor

Justin Kennedy (born 17 May 1972) is an actor, writer, voice-over artist and comedian from Melbourne, Australia.


Kennedy started his performing career in March 2002, after making his first stand-up appearance in the national Raw Comedy competition.

In 2003, he teamed up with fellow comedians Gavin Baskerville and Dwight Bandy to write and perform the show 'Successful Losing: How to be a Spectacular Failure' in both the WA Fringe Festival (where it won Best Comedy) and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. In 2004, Kennedy performed his first solo stand-up show in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 'Simple Pleasures', which he followed over the next four years with 'I'm With Stupid', 'Beelzebuzz' (which was nominated for a Golden Gibbo Award), 'Ladies...?'[1] and 'Passionista'.

In 2009, Kennedy teamed up with Sarah Collins to write and perform, 'Donna and Damo: An Asexual Love Story' for the Melbourne Fringe before performing it at the Arts Centre in the 2010 Melbourne Comedy Festival. He proposed to Collins onstage during the curtain call of a performance in April 2010.[2]

In 2008, Kennedy wrote and performed as a cast member of Foxtel's The Mansion with Michael Chamberlin and Charlie Pickering. He has also appeared three times on Foxtel'sStand-Up Australia.

He was a regular writer for Rove from 2007 until its final episode, appearing in numerous sketches during this time.

Kennedy has appeared as an actor in numerous television shows including Stingers, SheZowThe Secret and Neighbours. He plays several characters in the current ABC 3 animated series Sumo Mouse and is soon to be heard on another cartoon, Fleabitten.



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