Judge Paddy-Cake
Name Judge Paddy-Cake
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Judge
Introduced in No Girls Allowed
 Judge Paddy-Cake appears to be the uptight, demading judge we grew to know and love who was first introduced in the episode; No Girls Allowed. Having the large habbit to snap at the attendants of the court, and throwing books at misbehaving clients. Slightly fooled by Glint Eastwood's charm, Judge Paddy-Cake will not let anything stand in her way to get her point across.

Appearance Edit

Judge Paddy-Cakes' appearance consists of;

  • A long, black judge robe. Cut off to the elbows on her right hand to reveal a wooden paddle for a hand, with white frills located on the collar of it.
  • A brown, wooden gavel for her right hand. With the texture of a rough bark pattern.
  • Brunette hair, slightly curled at the ends, especially at the bangs and/ or top.


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