Guy Eli Hamdon
Name Guy Eli Hamdon
Sex Male
Age 12
Species Human
Relatives Kelly Hamdon
Agnes Monroe
Droosha Hamdon
Boxter Hamdon
Cowgirl SheZow
Roman SheZow
Flora Hamdon
Introduced in SheZow Happens
Voiced by David-Myles Brown (Australia)

Samuel Vincent (In all English-speaking territories outside Australia)

Peter Sterner (UK redub, uncredited)

Guy Hamdon is a 12-year-old kid who hates responsibility, who is most likely found fooling around. Whether it be playing video games, skateboarding, hanging out with his best friend Maz, or just plain out dodging responsibilities. Until he comes across a power ring that one belonged to his late Aunt Agnes, the previous SheZow And now whenever he wears the ring he (unwittingly at first), is granted super strength, speed, agility, a sonic scream, and an arsenal of crime fighting gadgets. But the powers of SheZow are to be wielded by a female... and so becoming SheZow he is transformed into a superhero, complete with a superhero costume equipped with weapons such as his famous Laser Lipstick. With all his gifts he, along with his sister Kelly, his super computer Sheila, and his sidekick/best friend; Maz. To help defend Megadale from the likes of Mega Monkey, Mocktopus, TaraCold Finger, and many other evildoers. 

Appearance Edit

Guy's usually outfit consists of;

  • The SheZow power ring, located on his index finger on his right hand.
  • A blue hoodie with the small design of a skull and cross-bones above a small flame on each shoulder, with a pair of white strings dangling from the collar.
  • A pair of beige baggy jeans, with a pair of pockets located on each side of his thighs.
  • A pair of black converse, with white tips, black soles, and grey tongues.
  • Black hair styled in a mohawk like fashion, with streaks of brown/cherry red hair coming from the sides and forehead.

Catch phrases Edit

  • "What the what?" When something shocking happens
  • "She-mazing!" A pun for amazing.
  • "She-rrific!" A pun for for terrific.
  • "You go girl!" The phrase Guy uses to turn into SheZow.
  • "She-yeah!" The phrase Guy uses to turn back into himself.
  • "Shut the front door!" When something unbelievable happens.
  • "Holy SheZow'!" When something unbelievable happens (also used by Kelly.)
  • "This is unshe-lievable!" A pun for unbelievable/also spoken when something shocking happens.
  • "No more mister nice girl." Spoken when serious (SheZow).
  • "Time to get Shezow-y with it!" Also spoken when serious (SheZow).

Trivia Edit

  • Guy's middle name is Eli.
  • Guy has an alternate reality version of himself; Gal Hamdon.
  • Guy has a crush on Kelly's best friend, Wanda.
  • Guy speaks Spanish.
  • Guy's best friend is Maz Kepler.
  • Guy's height is 5 foot 5 inches.
  • Guy attends Megadale Middle school, along side Kelly and Maz.
  • Guy is afraid of bugs.
  • Both Guy and Kelly have hazel eyes.
  • According to Obie Scott Wade on Tumblr, both Guy and Kelly were born in year 2000 on October 18th.
SheZow Happens7 Cold Finger4 SheZow Happens3
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