Guru Lu Mcgru
Name Guru Lu Mcgru
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Therapist

Super Hero Therapist

Introduced in Transformation Overload

Guru Lu Mcgru was first introduced in the episode; Transformation Overload. With his love and passsion for the woods, and appearance similar to somewhat of a hippie, Guy, Kelly, and Maz's first impressions of him were quite shocking. Being known as the top "Super hero Self-Help Therapist" in Megadale , you'd be quite surprised with what this Guru can come up with your "Transformation Permutation", and can teach you that to not fear your fear, because it only fears your fierceness.


Guru Lu Mcgru's appearance consists of;

  • Messy, white, unkept hair. Somewhat in the style of dreadlocks and/ or similar to a mop.
  • A raggedy, straightened beard to match his locks, going to the length of the middle of his chest.
  • Navy blue, circular beads. In the form of a necklace that reaches the length of both the beginning of his chest and the middle of his abdomen.
  • A large, white robe. With the colors of a light, smoke grey across the front in a slanted, vertival line. both to the left and right. The robe being similar to somewhat of a kimono.
  • Brown, mocha shaded flip-flops or sandals.


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