Name Grilla
Sex Female
Occupation Villain
Introduced in SheZow Meets DudePow
Voiced by Jacqueline Brennan

Grilla is a reverse alternate version of Cold Finger from the same dimension DudePow resides in, and, as opposed to Cold Finger's cold powers, can control flame and heat.

Appearance Edit

Grilla's appearance consists of;

  • Orangish, red skin. Similar to cold finger; relating to her powers.
  • A full coat inspired by a Teppanyaki chef, but instead of white; is painted with the color scheme of black, but with red and yellow flame patterns on it beginning at the wrists and waist. And a red Jalapeno Pepper symbol on the chest, surrounded by a green flame.
  • A large Teppanyaki Chef like hat, matching the color and design scheme of her outfit; A flame emerging from the bottom.
  • A pair of red high heels, with an orange tint of the tips.
  • A coating of black lipstick across her lips.
  • And yellow/ orangish hair, peeking from the back of her head (hat). Ending a bit past the shoulders.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • FireBalls; Similar to ColdFinger's Ice powers; A dangerous power shot from the hands, allowing Grilla to vary them in size.
  • Power of Fire; Allowing the ability to command fire from the palms of her hands.
  • Super Hot Jalapeño Hand Rockets; A spicy, red, fruit cascaded by a green flame. Summoned and thrown to trap the enemy in a cage with ease.

Trivia Edit

  • Like Cold Finger and SheZow , Grilla and DudePow are also arch nemesis'.
  • Cold finger and grilla have a crush on each other it seems, despite their different state of beings.