Glorious Leader
Name Glorious Leader
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Alien

Green Goop

Occupation Leader
Introduced in She-T
Gooey, "evil", and rather full of himself- this Glourious Leader has rather a large following of minions and "puppets" to help him conquer his roll in holding all of Earth's precious garbage in his tiny, transparent hands! This character is first introduced in the episode; She-T, but soon becoming nothing but a large puddle of sinew and goo after it is found out by his prisoner, SheZow that the aliens and their leader are indeed more than sensitive to spit.


Glorious Leader's appearance consists of;

  • Green, some-what transparent skin; in the tone of mucus or toxic waste.
  • A pastel purple headband, placed around (or on top.) of his non-existant forehead.
  • A short sleeve, ice blue, short sleeve shirt. Overlapped by a greenish-yellow towel ended with a white horizontal strip. Wrapped in a horizontal fashion around the stomach.
  • A black pair of shorts cut to allow his lack of legs to hang; with a purple waist line in a similar tint to the headband.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Glorious Leader and his minions appear to have the power of not only abduction; but have the power of a tractor beam controlled by nothing more than a tractor and a few other weapons built by nothing more than the garbage located on Earth's surface!


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