Glint Eastwood
Name Glint Eastwood
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Super Hero
Group Leader
Introduced in No Girls Allowed

 Glint Eastwood, also known as the former leader and charmer of the Super Hero Action Gild's group of male super heroes; Excelsor. Glint appears to have a charm to his style, which involves minusing out all female super heroes in a heartbeat from joining their league. Soon being called to court, and pointing multiple false accusations toward SheZow for wanting to join his group, Glint soon has a change of heart after seeing SheZow in action to save him, and multiple citizens' lives when trapped by the ruler of S.I.C.K , a.k.a.; Mega Monkey .


Glint Eastwood's appearance consists of;

  • A large, full cherry red body suit. With a large, golden, eight pointed star in the center of the chest. And the golden scheme making horizontal lines across the waist, wrists, and collar.
  • The back being slightly overlapped with a yellow cape-like fabric, slightly tied around his neck in a large, overhand knot, the bottom ending with a orange tint.
  • Large, yellow/ golden boots. Ending right in the center of the calves.
  • Large, neatly slicked back hair. In the style similiar to Brian Smirk and/ or Fibberachee .


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