Gideon Gushy
Name Gideon Gushy
Sex Female
Species Human
Occupation Television Hostess
Introduced in Glamageddon
Gideon Gushy is the television hostess of The She-Lebrity Showcase, who also caused for Tara and SheZow to "put the past behind them". With an ultra-excited attitude, and a get-up-and-go voice, how could you not sit down and ask this girl what's up!


Gideon's appearance consists of;

  • A light, cherry red dress. Slightly folded on the top to reveal the shoulders.
  • Maroon bracelets, located on the ends of her wrists.
  • A white, diamond necklace. Dangling down to the beginning of her chest.
  • Black, pointed-toe high heels. 
  • A brunette, bob cut. With a style of horizontal bangs covering her forehead.


  • Gideon's She-lebrity Showcase appears to be similiar to Oprah's Oprah Winfrey Show.


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