George the Troll
Name George the Troll
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Troll
Introduced in Crash Thunder

George The Troll was first introduced in the episode; Crash Thunder. Shown to be the spark of a huge fib told towards Crash Thunder. (being ordered that if he did not forfeit his World Heavy Weight Champion title to his rival; Freddie Fartonavich. The troll "promised" to place a curse on him and his mother.) Revealed to be a hoax created by Crash Thunder's mother herself, George the Troll was nothing more but a costume.


George the Troll's appearance consists of;

  • A short height in appearance, atleast compared to Crash Thunder.
  • Grey strands of hair, protruding from the shoulders and his back. Along with the big, bear like patch on his chest.
  • A large, brown, mocha shaded vest, similar into the style of an animal pelt. Shown as sleeve-less and with a small, white skull button across the center of the chest.
  • Mocha cuffs to match, in the shade of the vest with and "x" styled stitching.
  • Green, wart covered skin. With slight blotches of a darker, moss like shade.
  • White, large claws. Protruding from his finger tips.
  • Bare feet, usually appeared to be see on most trolls.


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