Geek Sheikh
Name Geek Sheikh
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Super Hero
Technology Handyman
Introduced in No Girls Allowed

 Geek Sheikh appears to be known as the high tech, intelligent member of the Super Hero Action Gild's group of male super heroes; Excelsor. Being high and mighty, and knowing a thing or two around a broken circuit. Geek sheikh knows anything about technology, as shown in the episode Unplugged; Geek Sheikh explains a sort of digital graffics that only appear to someone with a high intelligance reading. You need help fixing any technology that involves super hero business? He's the guy to look for!


Geek sheikh's appearance consists of;

  • A black turban, located at the top of his head. Appearing to be overlapping a small cap, and/ or wrap of a similiar color.
  • Large, rectangular-like framed glasses. Resting on the bridge of his nose. 
  • A brunette, somewhat coffee colored beard. Spreading across most of the structure of his face.
  • A blue and black color schemed cloak. With the abdomen of the large jacket revealing him from the waist down. With vertical lines going down the sides of the opening, and a spiked pattern across the wrists of the sleeves.
  • A caramel colored oversized shirt, somewhat like a long sleeved tunik. Overlapped by the cloak, it's sleeves slightly reveal themselves on the outside of it. Appearing to have small, darker, rectangles on them.
  • Black, dress like pants. Baggy at the ends and overlapping his pointed toe, slightly heeled, blue shoes.
  • White socks, overlapped by the odd styled shoes. But slightly revealed that the tops.


  • The Sheikh in Geek's name appears to be an Arabic word meaning the elder of a tribe, a lord, a revered old man, or an Islamic scholar. Sheikh or Shaikh may also refer to: Sheikh (Sufism), a Sufi leader.


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