Freddie Fartonavich
Freddie Fartonavich
Freddie Fartonavich
Name Freddie Fartonavich
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Wrestling
Introduced in Crash Thunder
Voiced by Dan Hamill
 Freddie Fartonavich is currently known as being the main opponent of Crash Thunder's, he also "supposedly" caused Crash to forfeit and causing his ex-manager, Tony Bologna to work for him in his matches. Giving both Guy and Maz the horrible view of Crash over-reaching off the wrestling ring.


Freddie's appearance consists of;

  • A pair of latex, wrestling shorts. The color scheme of a black, orange and white.
  • A pair of calf high boots, with a black, slick fabric and orange tongues.
  • An orange wrap, locatedf around his left bicep.
  • Clean, shaved head. 
  • Large, patches of fur/ hair. Located on the center of his chest, and the back of his shoulders.
  • His one large bottom tooth, protruding from the bottom of his lip.


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