Fizz Burp
Fizz Burp
A can of Fizz Burp.
Name Fizz Burp
Origin Makin' Bank, Episode 3
Type Beverage
"Shut the Front Door!"

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Fizz Burp is a orange flavored soft drink that appears to be both Maz and Guy's favorite drink. 


Fizz Burp appearance is a cylinder-like shape, with a metallic, silver tint to it. Painting with a bright, neon orange fizz-like design across the left side of it that seems to spread across the cover of the can. The logo; Fizz Burp, painted across the front in a large, black, square font.


  • In the episode ShePhat, Guy appears to become it's main sponsor.
  • Fizz Burp is also appears to be sponsored by Buttwipe's Tad Demented.