Name Fibberachee
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Musician
Introduced in Fibberachee, episode 24
Voiced by Taj moore

Fibberachee is a male singer who decided to turn to the 'dark side of the moon' after realizing from a news broadcast that SheZow had gained more fame than him by 2%. In an attempt to stop and/ or get rid of SheZow; he uses a mind control device, also known as his jacket to control his fans into destroying her.

But soon facing a bitter end in the hands of SheZow, once again.


Fiberachee's appearance consists of:

  • Puffed up, slicked back ebony hair. Similiar to The Fonz.
  • A headband or more like a cloth, the band of if cascading down to the length of his abdomen.
  • A white wife-beater, instead of a normal one reaching the collar bones, his goes a little bast his chest.
  • Bell-bottom greyish/ navy blue jeans, overlapping the calves of his boots.
  • A brown, cheetah print scarf, unfolded.
  • A large trench- like coat, revealing his abdomen. Also know as his Fibbe-Jackie.
  • A pair of boots, most like rock star boots. With a red base color and a patch of white on each side of the ankles.


  • Mind control: With the flip of the purple crystal located on the left side of his jacket, Fiberachee can possess any being to do anything he demands with the power of his voice.


  • Fiberachee appears to have a major jealousy problem.

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