Name Facsimilady
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Species Robot
Occupation Maid
Introduced in Facsimilady

Facsimilady or formally know as the retired maid of the She-Lair , once owned by Aunt Agnes herself. Facsimilady was discovered by both Maz and Guy after being  ordered by both his parents to clean up the house (or known as his mess.), thinking it was a smart idea to discard old belongings in the shelair storage.

Running about after experiencing one of her weaknesses, SheZow must run into Megadale to put a hault to her cleaning actions.


Facsimilady's appearance consists of;

  • A large, metal bent bob cut. Slightly overlapping the tops of her forehead as it's overlayed with a small, white, rugged lace hat.
  • A coat of a baby pink, comewhat styled into the dress form of her "outfit" and/ or frame. Painted on alongside a white, frilled aprin. Starting from the middle of her chest (under the breasts of her upper body), all the way down to the dress like frames of her lower body.
  • A small, greay, metallic like name tag, reading off "Facsimilady". That also serves as a power-on button.
  • Large, white sleeves. Styled and bent into a frill like pattern.
  • The rest of her metallic frame, in the color scheme of a light, smokey grey. Having the ability to extend her arms and/ or legs.


  • Facsimilady appears to have a weakness for Chipadillas , causing the spice of the dust to completely fracture her hardrive and cause her to go haywire (On a cleaning-spree.).
  • She also appears to have a soft spot for the bazarra capybara, formerly known as an over-sixed rodent. Somewhat similar to a Gopher.


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