Name Dudley
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Digital lips
Occupation Super Computer
Introduced in DudePow Returns
Voiced by Unknown
Dudley' is the alternate version of Sheila. Just as Sheila assists Shezow in Guy's universe, Dudley is the super computer that DudePow relies on in Gal 's universe. With DudePow's Facilitator, Kelli; Dudley is able to keep the hero one step ahead of the villains that populate their city.


Dudley's appearance consists of:

  • Similar to Sheila; Dudley only appears to be a pair of digital teeth ratherb than lips. Reading beside him are charts, DNA tests, and a 360 reading of Gal's body readings.


  • Like Sheila; There is a high chance, and possibility that Dudley has grown a fond liking to the three.: Gal, Kelli and Maizy.


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