Droosha Hamdon
Droosha Hamdon
Name Droosha Hamdon
Sex Female
Age 40
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Mother
Relatives Guy Hamdon (Son)
Kelly Hamdon (Daughter)
Agnes Monroe (Aunt)
Boxter Hamdon (Husband)
Cowgirl SheZow
Roman SheZow
Flora Hamdon
Introduced in SheZow Happens, Episode 1
Voiced by Elizabeth Nabben

Guy and Kelly's loving and hilarious mom. Droosha is a poetic artist who supports her kids in their endeavors, she also has a fond love for SheZow.

Personality Edit

Known as the "anything is possible" type of person, keeping to traditional traditions like keeping her kids entertained and doing what she does best; supporting her family. When times get tough she's there for her kids, and especially her husband and father of her kids; Boxter . (Shown in S.I.C.K. Day, reassuring him as he read the headlines of the newspapers.)


Droosha's appearance consists of;

  • Wavy, curly bold cherry colored hair. With a few loose hairs flowing down her forehead.
  • A baby blue sweater, length reaching to her wrists, and revealing slightly past her collarbones.
  • A pair of navy blue, bell bottomed pants.
  • A pair of black kitten heel high heels.


  • In the episode Momnesia. It's shown Droosha finds out about Guy being SheZow by mistake. After offering to throw a party, and announcing the knowledge of knowing SheZow's actual identity. Her memory is then erased.
  • It's apparent that Kelly and Guy were both natural, home births.
  • Droosha appears to have a musical talent for singing, and the drums (Brekete Drum.).
  • Due to marrying Boxter, her original last name could be Monroe. (Unverified)

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