"Dental Breakdown"
Season 1, episode 30
Dental Breakdown
Broadcast Number: 14
Airdate: July 13, 2013
Story: Dan Reheuser
Written by: Lazar Saric
Obie Scott Wade
"Mr. Nice Guy"
"Crash Thunder"

"Dental Breakdown" is the thirtieth episode in the first season of SheZow. It is the thirtieth episode overall.


Guy loses his last baby tooth, and the Tooth Fairy comes to collect it, bringing along her snotty nephew Perrywinkle, who discovers that the tooth is in fact a SheZow tooth, which contains "she-mendous power". Perrywinkle uses it to enhance his magic, and begins to cause havoc in Megadale, so its up to SheZow to stop him.

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