Crash Thunder's Mother
Name Crash Thunder's Mother
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Mother
Relatives Crash Thunder (Character)
Introduced in Crash Thunder

Crash Thunder's Mother is known as one of the uptight, and very protective parents. Shown as attempting to get Crash Thunder away from his job as a Heavy Weight World Champion Wrestler, it really goes to show; she really does care for her son. Stating "I just don't want you getting hurt!" when giving away her plan, which caused SheZow , Crash Thunder, and Maz to run in a crazy circle for the "culprit of her misdeed".


C.T's Mother's appearance consists of;

  • A spinach tint dress, reaching down to the beginning of her ankles.With a slim, black belt around her waist.
  • Small, black slip-on flat dress shoes.
  • A faded, daffodil colored jacket, covering the arms and wrists, and ending at the point of the hips.
  • Large, spinach toned glasses. With a cat-eye framed style.
  • Grey hair, defining her age. Wrapped into a large bun.


  • She had came up with a trollsona in her plan; George The Troll.
  • Near the ending of the episode; Apparently, she's as strong as her son, despite being as old and small as she is.


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